Daly Family

This blog is about my extended family mainly from County Cork in Ireland. I am trying to trace my family as far back as possible and to establish connections with relatives that I know and those I do not know yet.

A lot of the information I have has recently been supplied by cousins and their families still resident in Cork and in the USA. I know I have other relatives in various parts of the world and I hope they find this website and are able to contribute any information they have available.

The earliest record we have at the moment  is my great great grandfather John Daly (died 15.09.1884 from bronchitis); he used to live at 3 O’Connell Street, Cork city. At this stage we know very little about him apart from he was a carpenter and married a Mary Mullins and they had four children; John (my great grandfather), Elizabeth, William and Charles.

John Daly (my great grandfather) (11.02.1856 – 29.06.1902); he died at home following a short illness.  He was a clerk in the Cork Gas Company; the Cork Gas Company would end up employing a lot of his children.

He married a Hanora (Nora) O’Connell ( 1861 – 1.02.1904) on 2.06.1883; she died from TB. We know little about her apart from she came from somewhere in county Cork – the search is on to find out about her.

They had eight children as follows:-

  • Gerald Charles Daly (1884 – 1940) married Mary Coleman (1883 – 1983) in 1910. These were my grandparents.
  • John Daly (born 1885) married Margaret Finn
  • Charles James Daly (Charlie) (1890 – 1921) Charlie was an officer in the IRA and was killed on 29 June 1921, more about him later
  • Maria Daly (1891 – 1951)
  • Catherine Daly (1893 – 1950)
  • James Daly (Jim) (1895 – 1916) killed in 1916 fighting in Belgium
  • Alicia Mary Daly (1898 – 1902)
  • William Mullen Daly (Willy) (1901 – 1966)